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——————————————— ◆  Exhaust gas analysis  ◆ ———————————————
Waste gas source
(1) in the process of garbage accumulation, due to poor ventilation and the effect of microorganisms, a certain amount of peculiar smell gas such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, organic amine, methane will be generated, which is commonly referred to as garbage odor.

(2) the pollutants produced in the process of waste incineration mainly include four categories: particulate matter (smoke), acid gas (CO, NOx, SO2, HCl, etc.), heavy metal (Hg, Cr, Pb, etc.) and organic pollutants (the main factor is dioxin).
1) HCl comes from the waste containing chlorine in domestic waste.
2) SO2 comes from the high temperature oxidation process of sulfur-containing domestic waste.
3) NOx comes from the oxidation reaction of N2 and O2 and the combustion of nitrogen-containing organics in the process of MSW incineration, 95% of which is no, and the proportion of NO2 is very small.
4) Co is produced by incomplete combustion of organic combustibles in domestic garbage.
5) the metal pollutants come from the heavy metals and their compounds contained in the domestic waste during incineration.
6) the generation mechanism of organic pollutants is very complex, and dioxin is the most toxic compound.
——————————————— ◆  Technological design ◆ ———————————————


Process Brief
(1) the collected waste gas enters into the de white system. When the flue gas passes through, the dust and tar in the flue gas are ionized under the action of electric charge, moving towards the charged metal wire and pipe wall, and losing the electric charge. Under the action of gravity, they fall to the bottom of the electromagnetic de white equipment and flow out, so that the pollutants can be degraded and removed.
(2) the treated waste gas enters the deep purification system, the waste gas enters the regenerator for heating, absorbs the heat stored in the regenerator, and then enters the incinerator for further combustion, heating up to the set temperature. In this process, the waste gas composition is completely decomposed into CO2 and H2O, which are discharged through the fan pipe to meet the standard.
——————————————— ◆  Cooperation  ◆ ———————————————


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