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Corporate Culture

1. Protecting the environment: Baolan means protecting the Baolan environment and protect the blue sky; Baolan people firmly believe that “protecting a blue sky and guarding the pure land of one party” is our endless corporate culture, making the sky bluer, the cloud whiter and the air more Freshness is our unshakable goal. Struggling for China's environmental protection cause is our eternal theme.
2. Strategic pattern: The premise of personal development is planning and having a mind. The premise of the company's development is that there are strategies and patterns. The strategy of maintaining Baolan is a global strategy, and the pattern of Baolan protection is a global pattern.
3. Integrity Responsibility: The essence of business is the human heart. The cost of Baolan is honesty; meeting the challenge of smog and taking social responsibility.
4, team execution: A drop of water can only be put into the sea, and the sea will not dry up. When a person leaves the team, he will not succeed in anything; in the global strategic situation, Firmly implement the system and program formulated by the team.
5, speed passion: every day is full of passion, full of speed, thorns, open up the market, occupy the market.
6, learning and dream: learning is the source of power, learning is the engine, learning is the inexhaustible motivation to keep the Baolan forward. Learning becomes professional, professional craftsmen are born, craftsmen cast brands, and brands achieve dreams.
7, simple desktop: all processes are simple, all systems are simple; all issues are desktop, all the relationships are desktop, creating a company's open, fair, just and efficient working atmosphere.
8. Innovative monopoly: innovation wins time, innovation gains space, and innovation creates monopoly.
9. Shining appears: ordinary people show off, and the Baolan peoples shine. Use our products to help users, use our services to shine on users; help others, achieve themselves; shine on others and show themselves.
10, grateful results: everything is results-oriented, only to find a way to success, not to find reasons for failure.
A person who does not know how to be grateful has no chance in this life. A company that does not know how to be grateful will cease to exist. From today, he will be grateful to his parents, grateful to teachers, and grateful to the enterprise; serve the country and return the society; protect the environment and benefit mankind.
Today, Baolan is proud of me, and tomorrow I am proud of Baolan!


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Address: Jurong East Road, Huantai Industrial Park, Zibo City, Shandong Province