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———————— ◆  Company Profile  ◆ ———————
     BAOLAN EP INC. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in waste gas treatment equipment. The company is located in High-tech Development Zone, Zibo city, Shandong province. At present, the company has the EPC qualification of environmental protection project , environmental engineering design qualification, environmental engineering construction qualification, Environmental engineering operation and maintenance qualification, safety production license qualifications, and more than 300 invention and utility model patents, the company registered capital of 100 million yuan, has more than 300 employees, the company has a cumulative performance of more than 3,000 cases.

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———————◆  Business overview  ◆ ———————
      At present, the business of Baolan enterprise users mainly covers three major business areas:
      Field 1: Electromagnetic De-white
      Field 2: Dedusting, desulfurization and denitrification
      Field 3: VOCS organic waste gas treatment
      Among them, our company's Electromagnetic De-white is the only invention patent. Baolan is the earliest enterprise in China to develop Electromagnetic De-white and has the most performance of Electromagnetic De-white, and has the first market share in the field of Electromagnetic De-white. The Electromagnetic De-white purification process achieves an environmental compliance rate of over 98%, completely purifying the complete purification of aerosols, soluble salts, fine dust, PM10, PM2.5, acid mist and alkali mist, making pollutants closer to zero emission......
      Baolan is committed to providing more high-quality, more reasonable and perfect technical services to more users, realizing the vision of “Make the world pollution-free”, and striving for the battle against blue sky and fighting hard.


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Telephone: +86-135-8959-1050 E-mail: [email protected]
Address: Jurong East Road, Huantai Industrial Park, Zibo City, Shandong Province