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Acid mist waste gas treatment

——————————————— ◆  Exhaust gas analysis  ◆ ———————————————
Source of acid mist waste gas
There are two main formation mechanisms of acid mist:
(1) when the surface of the acid evaporates, the acid molecules enter the air and condense with the water in the air to form a droplet;
(2) there is a chemical reaction in the acid solution, forming bubbles that float up to the liquid surface and then explode to bring out the droplets.
(3) in addition, with the acid mist emission process, there will inevitably be molecular acid gaseous pollutants such as SO2 and NOx emissions, so the emission process and components of the emissions are relatively complex.


Composition of acid mist waste gas
The common gases that can form acid mist are as follows:
(1) hydrogen halide (HX) is a colorless and pungent gas, which is easily soluble in water. The aqueous solution is acid (hydrohalic acid), which is volatile and easy to form acid mist.
(2) sulfur dioxide combined with water vapor is easy to form acid mist.
(3) SO3 is easy to be absorbed by water. If it is high temperature, it is easy to form acid mist with water vapor.
——————————————— ◆  Technological design ◆ ———————————————
Process Brief
(1) system composition of process flow: it is composed of exhaust gas collection system, induced draft system, exhaust gas purification system and exhaust system.
(2) the waste gas successively enters into the first and second level acid mist waste gas purification towers. The alkaline detergent in the absorption tower is pumped to the tower by the circulating pump and flows down through the packing. The acid mist waste gas rises against the flow. A series of physical and chemical reactions occur on the wetted surface of the packing, and the mass transfer process occurs due to the concentration difference, thus the gas purification process is completed. After the purified waste gas is dehydrated, it is led out by the centrifugal fan and discharged up to the standard. The circulating liquid is regularly discharged to the sewage treatment station.
——————————————— ◆  Cooperation  ◆ ———————————————


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