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——————————————— ◆  Exhaust gas analysis  ◆ ———————————————
Source of refinery waste gas
(1) the main source of organic compounds is the production process of petrochemical plants or oil refineries. These pollution sources have odor or irritant odor, which will have toxic effects on human organs and often contain certain carcinogens.
(2) sulfur dioxide mainly comes from the burning fossil fuel. In terms of petrochemical industry, the production process from refining to the production and manufacturing of petrochemical products such as rayon downstream will produce a certain amount of hydrogen sulfide, which will cause air pollution.
(3) nitrogen compounds in exhaust gas are mainly composed of nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide, most of which are produced by combustion of coal or petroleum products.

Composition of refinery waste gas
The components of the waste gas produced in the production process of petrochemical enterprises are relatively complex, mainly including particles, sulfur compounds, nitrogen compounds, carbon monoxide and organic compounds, which constitute the main air pollution sources through a certain arrangement and combination.
(1) in the process of petroleum refining, a large number of toxic and harmful substances, such as sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, thioethers, hydrocarbons, amines and so on, will be produced in crude oil after heating, pressurization, catalysis and other processes. Most of these substances are odorous substances, some of which are not smelly, but do great harm to human body.
(2) refinery acid waste gas is a byproduct in the process of petroleum refining. Its composition includes: methane, propane, propylene, hydrogen sulfide, isobutane, etc. Its hydrogen sulfide volume accounts for the largest proportion.
——————————————— ◆  Technological design ◆ ———————————————


Brief introduction of Technology
The regenerative incineration system is mainly used in the situation where the concentration of organic waste gas is low and the amount of waste gas is large. It is also very suitable when there are corrosive substances in organic waste gas, toxic substances to catalyst and some odor needs to be oxidized at a higher temperature.
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