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Wet Electrostatic Dust Filter
At present, the business of Baolan enterprise users mainly covers three major business areas: Field 1: Electromagnetic De-white; Field 2: Dedusting, desulfurization and denitrification; Field 3: VOCS organic waste gas treatment.
Product introduction
Equipment introduction
 The WESP is usually installed in the wet desulfurization device. After desulfurization, a large number of water droplets are carried in the saturated smoke, which is captured when passing through the high-pressure electric field, thus reducing the probability of gypsum rain formation. At the same time, it has a good effect on collecting fine particulate matter PM2.5 and acid fog, etc., and the concentration of smoke emission can be less than 10 mg/m3.
Working principle

 The wet electrostatic precipitator is a method of separating the aerosol and suspended dust particles in the gas by means of electric dust removal. It mainly includes the following four complicated and interrelated physical processes:
(1) ionization of gas.
(2) condensation and charge of aerosol and suspended dust particles.
(3) charged dust particles and aerosols move towards the electrode.
(4) water film makes the plate clean.Under the action of strong electric field, the corona layer is generated around the corona line. The air in the corona layer produces avalanche ionization, thus producing a large number of negative ions and a small number of positive ions. This process is called corona discharge. The dust (fog) particles entering the wet electric dedusting device along with the flue gas collide with these positive and negative ions and are charged. The charged dust (fog) particles move to the positive pole due to the action of the coulomb force of the high voltage electrostatic field. After reaching the anode, the charge is released, and the dust (fog) particles are collected by the anode, and the dust is collected to form a water film, which is separated from the smoke by gravity or washing from the upper to the lower sump tank or absorption tower.

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