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SCR Denitration Equipment
At present, the business of Baolan enterprise users mainly covers three major business areas: Field 1: Electromagnetic De-white; Field 2: Dedusting, desulfurization and denitrification; Field 3: VOCS organic waste gas treatment.
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 In line with the principle of creating a good production and living environment for employees and surrounding residents, the leaders of the company plan to collect and process the gas produced by the company and completely eliminate the hidden trouble of the development of the enterprise. Entrusted by the company, shandong baolan environmental protection engineering co., LTD. For its preparation of denitrification technology treatment preliminary design scheme. Based on the design principle of mature and reliable technology, reasonable overall layout, convenient operation and management, and low processing cost, we have compiled this scheme.

Source analysis

 Nitrogen oxides include a variety of compounds, such as nitrous oxide (N2O), nitric oxide (NO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), nitrogen trioxide (N2O3), nitrogen tetroxide (N2O4) and nitrogen pentoxide (N2O5). Except for nitrogen dioxide, other nitrogen oxides are extremely unstable, when light, moisture or heat into nitrogen dioxide and nitric oxide, nitric oxide into nitrogen dioxide. Thus, exposure in the occupational environment is to a mixture of gases commonly called nitrous oxide (gas), mainly nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide, and mainly nitrogen dioxide. Nitrogen oxides have different degrees of toxicity.
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