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Zeolite Rotor
At present, the business of Baolan enterprise users mainly covers three major business areas: Field 1: Electromagnetic De-white; Field 2: Dedusting, desulfurization and denitrification; Field 3: VOCS organic waste gas treatment.
Product introduction

The company attaches great importance to environmental protection while vigorously improving the economic benefits of the enterprise and paying attention to product quality. The company's leaders, in line with the principle of creating a good production and living environment for the employees and the surrounding residents, collect and process the gas generated in the operation process and completely eliminate the hidden dangers of the enterprise's development. Entrusted by the company, shandong baolan environmental protection engineering co., LTD. Based on the design principle of mature and reliable technology, reasonable overall layout, convenient operation and management, and low processing cost, we have compiled this scheme.


The main structure of the zeolite rotor is a rotating wheel filled with an adsorbent, which is divided into three regions, namely an adsorption region, a regeneration region, and a cooling region. The vocs is introduced into the adsorption area through a blower, and the vocs pollutants therein are adsorbed, and the exhaust gas is purified and discharged. Subsequently, the adsorbent was rotated to the regeneration-zone, and during contact with the high-temperature air, VOCS was desorbed and flowed out with the regeneration air, and the adsorbent was regenerated. The regenerated adsorbent is first cooled through the cooling zone, and then rotated to the adsorption zone to re-adsorb. As the rotor  rotates, the adsorbent periodically adsorbs, desorbs, and cools to achieve purification of organic waste gas.
Step 1: adsorption and concentration
        The exhaust gas is adsorbed by the zeolite in the rotor, and the cleaned exhaust gas is exhausted into the atmosphere by a system extraction frequency conversion fan; the adsorber can provide a huge zeolite surface area to contact the vocs, and the rotor continues to rotate at a speed of 1 to 6 revolutions per minute.
Step 2: Desorption
        The VOCs in the rotor are concentrated into a saturated zeolite zone, and the heat flow (about 200 ° C) provided by the heat exchanger is used for desorption. After the desorption is completed, it is rotated to the cooling zone, cooled by normal temperature air blow to normal temperature and then rotated to adsorption Concentrated area.

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