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Dust removal and desulfurization of boiler
At present, the business of Baolan enterprise users mainly covers three major business areas: Field 1: Electromagnetic De-white; Field 2: Dedusting, desulfurization and denitrification; Field 3: VOCS organic waste gas treatment.
Product introduction
  Project overview  

 Entrusted by the company, shandong baolan environmental protection engineering co., ltd. for its preparation of boiler dust removal and desulfurization treatment preliminary design scheme. In line with the design principle of mature and reliable technology, reasonable overall layout, convenient operation and management, and low processing cost, we compiled the scheme.

Source analysis
 Mainly containing dust, sulfur dioxide in flue gas, etc., there is no combustion of hydrogen sulphide. Sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide is harmful to the life, SO2 is 2.26 times heavier than air, is a colorless stink with asphyxiation. Data is introduced, long-term exposure to SO2 concentration was 5.23 + / - 0.52 mg/m3, the body class bronchial pneumonia, hepatic cell swelling, eye keratitis lesions.
 According to the physical and chemical properties of the flue gas, combined with our company's many years of experience in waste gas treatment, and considering the treatment effect, process investment and operation cost, our company adopts "bag filter + fan + desulfurization tower" to carry out effective waste gas treatment. The process chart of waste gas treatment is as follows:
 Introduction to the process:
(1) The flue gas of 2T and 4T boilers enters the bag-dusting equipment through pipes (two bag-dusters, one bag-dusting of 2T boiler and one bag-dusting of 4T boiler).(2) Dusty gas from the diversion pipe into each unit filter room, due to the design of the vertical distance from the bottom of the filter bag to the top of the inlet outlet has enough, reasonable airflow through the appropriate diversion and natural flow distribution, to achieve the entire filter indoor air distribution uniform.
(3) The dust particles in the dust-containing gas fall directly into the dust hopper after separation through natural settlement, and the rest of the dust enters the filter area of the box body along with the airflow under the guidance of the diversion system and adsorbs on the outer surface of the filter bag.
(4) After filtering through the gas filter bag through the upper box, exhaust pipe exhaust.
(5) After the capture of flue gas, the induced draft fan converge to a main line in the flue gas into desulphurization purification tower, double alkaline or flue gas desulfurization technology is the use of sodium hydroxide or sodium carbonate solution as the desulfurizer, sodium hydroxide or sodium carbonate solution directly into the washing removal of SO2 in flue gas desulfurization tower to achieve the goal of flue gas desulfurization6 desulphurization products by desulfurizer regeneration pool into sodium sulfite or sodium hydroxide and then hit back to the desulfurization tower for recyclingAfter the purification of the flue gas directly to the standard emissions.

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