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BAOLAN EP INC. "electromagnetic De-white" special flue gas whitening technology
时间: 2021-03-06 11:45
Formation mechanism of white plume The direct discharge of wet flue gas after wet desulfurization will produce

Formation mechanism of "white plume"

The direct discharge of wet flue gas after wet desulfurization will produce "white plume". In the process of desulfurization, the desulfurization slurry is in direct contact with high-temperature flue gas, resulting in heat and mass transfer; on the one hand, water evaporation increases the moisture content of flue gas; on the other hand, the temperature of flue gas decreases, and the ability of flue gas carrying water vapor decreases. When the flue gas reaches the saturation state, it will carry some small droplets; these saturated wet flue gas carrying small droplets will be directly discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney after most of the droplets are removed by the demister. Because the ambient temperature is lower than the flue gas temperature, the moisture in the saturated wet flue gas will condense into small droplets to form a "white plume". White smoke often contains desulfurizer, by-product, sulfur trioxides, and aerosols. If ammonia process and ammonia escape are serious, the pollution is obvious.



Working principle

The Electromagnetic De-white is a kind of flue gas whitening product mainly promoted by Shandong Baolan. This process is proprietary to our company.
The Electromagnetic De-white removing device can completely eliminate white smoke, reduce resistance loss, and increase gas treatment capacity. The special electromagnetic generator is used to make the whole electromagnetic white space full of magnetic field. When the gas containing droplets passes through the magnetic field, all the droplets, small droplets, PM2.5, etc. will move to the electromagnetic receiving pole under the effect of magnetic field force, and form a dynamic liquid film, which will return to the water storage tank for temperature reduction and desulfurization. In addition, there are still most of the water molecules without condensation In the form of gas, almost all small droplets, fine dust particles, sulfuric acid mist, nitric acid mist, PM2.5 and other harmful substances are purified by the electromagnetic whitening device, so that the small droplets, fine dust particles, sulfuric acid mist, nitric acid mist, PM2.5 and other harmful substances achieve the effect of close to zero emission (many working conditions are lower than the precision of instrument measurement Therefore, Baolan named it as: electromagnetic whitening zero emission system.


System composition


(1) The main component of white smoke is small droplets formed by condensation of water and gas, and other components are also doped. The purification process uses an electromagnetic dewhitening device.
(2) The temperature of the white flue gas discharged from the upper part of the desulfurization tower is relatively high. A spray cooling method is set in the flue. The white smoke enters the spray cooling area. Two water pumps are set in the circulating pool. The cold water in the circulating pool is sprayed by the water pump 1. To the spray area in the flue, the gas and liquid undergo two-phase reverse contact absorption reaction between the flue gas and the low-temperature cold water, so that the flue gas temperature is reduced, thereby condensing water vapor in the flue gas into liquid droplets. Because the temperature of the circulating water rises after absorbing the heat in the flue gas through the spray area, a cooling water tower is added to cool the water in the circulating pool.
(3) After cooling, the white flue gas enters the electromagnetic de-blanking device. When the flue gas passes, the moisture in the flue gas moves under the action of the electromagnetic field and moves to the negative electrode wall to form a liquid film. Under the action of gravity, it automatically flows downwards, is discharged from the bottom of the electromagnetic de-blanking equipment, and is discharged to the circulating pool. The net gas is eliminated from the upper part of the de-blanking system equipment. Simultaneously, the simultaneous degradation of dust and acid mist is achieved while purifying moisture. The removal ensures that the purification efficiency of this equipment is more than 98%, and the final emission data approaches zero emissions.



◆ High efficiency. Capturing impurities and white smoke through the action of electromagnetic fields has high efficiency and good effect.
◆ Small footprint. Baolan Electromagnetic Whitening System has a simple structure, a reasonable layout and a small footprint.
◆ Wide application range. Baolan Electromagnetic Whitening System is suitable for whitening of flue gas in thermal power plants, chemical plants and other fields.
◆ Low operating cost. The electromagnetic whitening system removes tar, dust, water mist and other impurities to achieve the dual effects of material recovery and gas purification, saving costs.

Application area


Widely used in thermal power plants, coking plants, steel plants, dye plants, fertilizer plants, pharmaceutical plants, metallurgical industries, chemical plants and waste incineration plants.

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● Complete engineering tasks according to customer requirements to ensure project quality;
● The exhaust gas treatment device designed and provided by the company will be guaranteed to meet local and national emission standards after being treated by this facility;
● Main equipment warranty, providing technical service for life, timely response to problems during the operation of the equipment, and professional staff to arrange on-site service within 24 hours;
● When the warranty period expires, our company only charges a certain cost for equipment maintenance and repair. Establish long-term contacts and technical exchanges with users, serve users with the latest technology, and provide technical consultation and services for free;
● During commissioning of the exhaust gas treatment system, and responsible for training technicians. Including daily operation management, equipment operating procedures, common troubleshooting, and regular maintenance of equipment;
● Regularly organize customer return visits to understand the system operation status, carefully handle customer feedback, and do a good job of engineering and technical consulting.


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